ETP - Blochain as a service (BaaS) - *2018*

Have you wonder what makes ETP different than Ethereum or even NEO ?

The first thing you can find on Metaverse website " BaaS" which practically is the use case of Blockchain.

The concept of BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) was first proposed by Metaverse, that is to say enterprises or individuals can request for customized blockchain services from blockchain solutions providers according to their needs. Metaverse’s BaaS framework mainly caters to business users, such as individuals or businesses with transaction or asset management needs. Business users can no longer be grouped as they traditionally were and BaaS must be able to cater to any digital identity.

After doing the price analysis with the roadmap dates and everything is in symmetric which is clearly a strong bull confirmation with the 36 million market circulating supply.

" Charts are not for prediction, the show us the symmetric to add position to trade "

Note: Market pullback can happen in bull market with one news that's why Risk management is important than emotions.
評論: Closed right above the T-1.
評論: We are back to green zone which is the safest zone to add long positions. There's panic all over for ?
I will just say it's a Newbie shake-up phase. Yes, I'm still holding my long position.

" PANIC before SPRING "
評論: -January- Highest return

-February - Consolidation, and correction completed.

評論: Again rejected the downward channel.

I should say that I love the last comment,terror silence? heart attack? I don't know.
just kidding,I'm long on it,too.
fk91 ImpureRickSanchez
@ImpureRickSanchez, LOL ETP is chart a bit similar to EDO - Too much noise
Perfect time for me to get back in
I still holding and following y :)
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