potential harmonic pattern in JPY

FX:EURJPY   歐元 / 日圓
Here, I would like to share the pattern I found in JPY. If these patterns come ture, JPY won't be so strong in the few weeks.

EUR/JPY a cypher pattern: B is 38.25 retracement of XA and C is 1.272 times of AB, which is fit for cypher pattern . Also the price jumps after touched 78.6% XA---129.466. the pattern is formed

GBP/JPY forms a shark pattern. B is near 152.612( 38.2% of XA) , C is near 156.600( 1.13times of AB) D is near 145.861, which is near 1.13times of XC and 2.24 times of BC . take care of the price action around 146

CHF/JPY NZD/JPY AUD/JPY all come to the marjor support since 2017. What will happen ? let wait

wait and good luck
交易進行: EUR/JPY active already
交易結束:目標達成: AUD/JPY position closed!
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