EURNZD Short Setup

FX:EURNZD   歐元 / 紐元
Hey guys,
here we are in front of an hourly chart on EURNZD . I share this because i think it could be useful to others. As you can see there were two strong sell offs that created two impulive move to the downside, breaking two level of intraday structure. These two events give me the belief in a reversal, that was confirmed by price action in forming a pinbar+engulfing pattern right at the 618 up against a previous level of structure. Stops above the highs, targets as shown.

If you have any question/idea, please share.
Otherwise, see you in the next chart!
Se sei d'accordo, lascia un mi piace! Grazie
Canale Italiano:
Ultimo video:

If you agree, like this chart! Thanks
My last (english) videoanalysis here:
I jumped on this trade as well with a big sl due ecb and I didn't get stopped out. Now in crazy profit. Thank you again Roker1
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Roker1 Bigstack
@Bigstack, i'm glad you were able to take some profits!
oh no hit sl
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Roker1 zazi2020
@zazi2020, it's always a possibility!
@Roker1, yes mate , its market don't worry sometimes profit and some loss ;)
Hi Roker,
Thank you, I agree. That looks like good retest + pinbar on H4 too.
You marked good levels.
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Roker1 VBTrading
@VBTrading, unfortunately price didn't cooperate with us.
You're considering getting in this trade with ECB rate decision tomorrow?
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