Medium Term Price Stability - Currency Band Vertical Chart

FX_IDC:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
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Central bank mandate is to manage the medium term price stability of the exchange rate interior the medium term exchange rate target zone to match the medium term economic and financial stability. At such, exchange rate is freely to float interior the medium term band the so called "managed float" of the international monetary system.

Exchange rates not priced individually, but more likely collectively and well known USD Index, JPY Index, CHF Index, EUR Index, GBP Index and so on. It is some time the EURUSD major pair to move with the same direction with her derivatives, such as EURJPY , EURCHF , etc, but it is sometime they are moving in different direction interior their medium term exchange rate target zones, AND that is the way of their price stability to be managed interior the medium term exchange rate target zone.

Alignment and re-alignment, and continuous re-alignment to upward or to downward of the upper or the lower bands represent medium term economic and financial performance in medium term as a result of macro economic performance indicators in medium term. Micro economic performance indicators limit their impact on the exchange rate price interior the current band as already anticipated.

Thus, reading the charts by using technical charts and by using currency band vertical charts lead to two different directional trend estimation, but sometime may similar.
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