EU scalp short

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Trying again

FOMC reaction.
US raises rate as expected.
They also confirmed two more hikes likely this year.

The marked zones are from my Fibonacci Support Resistance analysis:
German cars Rock! If I am not Trading, then I am Driving.
Are you opening a short now?
@dr90210, I would open a short to USD. 109.800 target
@dr90210, I did, with a very small amount. Realistically, should be waiting for the ECB conference later, before trading EU but thought I'd take a couple of small shots in the meantime.
absolutely wrong...USD will affect negative from the rates..
euromotives aristotelis.tso
@aristotelis.tso, yeah, perhaps you are right
aristotelis.tso euromotives
@euromotives, Sorry for my steep comment. Just I wanted to say that the rates it was only a spike for the price of usd. Euro will take more strength the next days. Today was a tough day for trading.
euromotives aristotelis.tso
@aristotelis.tso, no worries. I am not afraid to be wrong, and thus only risk small amounts for scalps. Indeed, trading EU before the ECB even tomorrow is quite risky, no doubt!
aristotelis.tso euromotives
@euromotives, Agree at all with this! Sometimes is better to avoid the trading. I 'll wait the news tomorrow too. I see a good long on EUR the next week. We will see :)
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