EXPBTC Trade Idea!

BITTREX:EXPBTC   Expanse / Bitcoin
EXPBTC , expected to make the last low around 21k and on my previous TA I recommended buy entry at 22k. But expanse went lower and only then made five wave impulsive advance and now correcting the same. Recommend taking a position if you have not done so from 22k! all entries below 35k are fine !
Blue resistance on chart are targets and green vertical approximate time.
Plz scroll the chart left to right and up and down/ or Shrink on vertical to see the upper resistance!
Mr. Ed .. What are the timelines we are looking for these successive targets.. an approximate idea on timelines would help in managing my trades :)
PAHMAD1339 tarunjain909
@tarunjain909, Time lines are on the chart. Green vertical lines are time on all my charts. Blue horizontal for resistance and Red for support .
tarunjain909 PAHMAD1339
@PAHMAD1339, - ah missed that.. my bad :) thanks again Mr Ed
Hi sir Do you have any chart for CPC Capricoin indication for this month?
Thank you sir can you show fresh RDDBTC chart here?
PAHMAD1339 tauheed0608
@tauheed0608, LOL, don't worry if you see market drops, RDD looking good, I did exit only 25% of my position, rest holding for higher targets! I expect the C wave on the ABC correction to be done today if not done already.

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Thank You for your wonderful predictions!)
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Thank you!
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