Factom - really steep uptrend slope (Fast profit?)

POLONIEX:FCTBTC   Factom / Bitcoin
Factom broke out of a downtrend and started a very steep slope uptrend, meaning it should increase in price really fast as long as the trend is holding.
Watch out for the trendline breaking down!! sell loss!!

Good luck and happy new years.
評論: I went all in in this coin at 30k sat just few mins ago. I have my sell loss when the trend line is broken.

評論: * forgot to mention, you might want to wait for a better entry.
評論: oh wow.. it went up after McAfee's tweet :D
評論: It went up to 0.009+ (100% gain) in bittrex. I'm going to close the trade as it might not follow the trend line anymore after this pump.
交易結束:目標達成: Coin is still reacting to the uptrend line, and is hold well. might see another spike in price. But its risky, and I wouldn't recommend the coin now. Targets were reached in bittrex (0.009 BTC) (not poloniex, and this chart was based on poloniex by mistake).

Poloniex is weird, when siacoin was 800, it was 500 in it for some reason. I dont like polo in general.
Thanks dude you're awesome.! :D
DCFreak williamkra
@williamkra, :D were you one of the lucky ones holding?
williamkra DCFreak
@DCFreak, Yeah that's me. I should have placed that sell order earlier, but profit is profit.. (:

I just followed you a few days ago and I'm glad I'm doing the right thing. Keep up the awesome work.!
DCFreak williamkra
@williamkra, GREAT!!! that makes me happy
how many have you sell? wow dat luck =D
DCFreak RichardSeryu
@RichardSeryu, I sold out way before to invest in a different alt. so yeah, no luck lol
@DCFreak, oh damn :(... btw ty for your work
DCFreak RichardSeryu
@RichardSeryu, its fine. Much appreciated.
Is it too late to jump on it ?
DCFreak AMG9000
@AMG9000, in a couple of days it will spike hard again. Up to you (ofc unless BTC drops hard)
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