FunFair (FUN) - This looks beautiful, take a look!

BITTREX:FUNBTC   FunFair / Bitcoin
Starting an online casino is complicated and expensive, and that’s before you try to attract players and earn their trust. Using blockchain technology to simplify setup and reduce costs, FunFair enables anyone, anywhere to run their own casino.

The FunFair platform also offers unrivaled levels of transparency and player protection, and is set to open up gaming globally. This technology has the potential to profoundly change the gaming world, and FunFair is the first global gaming brand to unlock that potential.

Aim for target, if goes below red line, im out and will wait for next sign

Good luck!
We are close to the Matrix Target. will it continue to go up?
Update? We are getting close to danger! What do you think?
millitrades millitrades
@millitrades, Guess were going down! Im out of this trade. Wish I would have sold at .12
pandabot millitrades
@millitrades, bounced off red line it seems
millitrades pandabot
@pandabot, Thanks. I was just about to sell and saw green candle forming. Will watch. Happy New Year!
on our best way to matrix! good one, thank you
i am hodling
+1 回覆
@hela, just bought some fun aswell =))
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