10x Opportunity Waiting For Strong Investors

POLONIEX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin
WARNING: This is a very tricky trade... actually just jk... This is by far one of our best trades, let me tell you why! We in a sense hit rock bottom here. You can't loose much by investing in this coin but your return if you invest properly (if you hold) will be well over 100% but only if you actually listen to us when we tell you that this is a BUY and HOLD coin. It can be 1 week for this trade to develop but it can also be 6 month. Good trades take month and some years to fully grow. We do not recommend that you invest anything that you will need to take out in 1 week or less, because it's just not worth it.

RISK ON THIS TRADE IS LOW-MEDIUM (Means that you can invest and feel ok about not constantly watching over it, but at the same time we do recommend to always be in control of your trades)

Comment below with any questions and if you're not yet a member of Crypto Maniac 101, please let me know WHY NOT?!

Happy New Year everyone - spread some love around for a great start to 2018
評論: Just an FYI, if you don't already know, don't pay much attention to the dimmed out lines... they are only 40% probability of where coin will go and are only there to give you guys a better understanding. THANKS for ALL THE LIKES YOU GIVE!!!!!
評論: UPDATE - still a fantastic investment for those who have not yet entered this trade. Happy New Year Everyone!
評論: We should be up to target 1 again and then 2 within few days or weeks
評論: We will be retrying to reach target 1 within few days
評論: This is a low risk trade
評論: Refill while you still can guys!!!!
評論: As predicted we hit target 1 again this week
評論: Target 2 should be within several days if Bitcoin stays stable
評論: As predicted we touched second target
評論: Lets aim for our next target
評論: Just like before we are in accumulation stage and should be moving to next target within few days - weeks
評論: Looks fantastic
評論: Did anyone forget about this trade? Very good buy at this time!

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Binance Exchange -->
just bought $10k USD at 29300
let's see where this goes
THIEL fking it up for everyone it seems...
cbarkly cbarkly
THIEL effect gone, game on!
@cbarkly, Enjoy it!
cbarkly CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, alts beginning to bleed everywhere... my stop loss on game hit
hey there , now what ? ^^
i have good feeling about this.
i am invested in it.

i saw you commenting about a membership ??.
what's that
@Unjust, We offer more charts on other coins, buy and sell signals and much more of members only
Only problem with the 6month plan is that BTC is likely to go to $40K and GAME and other alt's satoshi value will drop significantly... then we need to move even higher to break even.

But I agree, this coin was beaten to the ground, probably more chance of an upside now... UNLESS, BTC moons before GAME does
CryptoManiac101 devilninja777
@devilninja777, Sometimes looking at dollar price also helps see how stable the coin is
is this for polonix only ....i have in beittrex and binance
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