Gamecredits - Buy opportunity - High reward/risk ratio

POLONIEX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin
Hello friends!
I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Let's take a look at Gamecredits today!
This coin came under my radar thanks to someone who PMed me! Very much appreciated!
Now, let's get into it:

This is a daily chart of gamecredits.
This idea is based on moving averages and trend reversal.
We have bottomed out and we are looking at an uptrend with huge growth potential.

MACD is moving in our favour for a long position. EMA50 about to go above MA50 for our uptrend.

Targets are the fib levels I labelled on the chart. Sell orders should be placed below that to ensure your orders get filled.
Stop loss is 20448.

- Risk to reward ratio for first target is: (23576-20448):(54275-20488) = 3128:33827 = 10.81!!!!!!!!!
***Never chase
***You should be relentless in locking in profits. YOU NEVER LOSE!
***Be conscious of your breathing pattern when you trade. You must stay calm.

Much love and I wish you all a wonderful and profitable day!
評論: Btw, asians can make math mistake, too.
Sorry about that!

- Risk to reward ratio for first target is: (23576-20448):(54275-23576) = 1:9.94

Still pretty damn high I'd say!

This is a weekly chart, clear HODL!
We can at least touch EMA50!

From the 4 hr chart, there will be a dip for the hours to come.
If you want to join, around 2100 or even below is a good buy!

How we can play GAME today!

交易進行: We are moving!
交易進行: Targets: (these are fib level targets)
- 00054
- 00085
- 00125
- 00155
- 00310
- 00500

You can decide how much you want to sell at each target.
It might take weeks, or even months, to reach our higher targets.

Nevertheless, I want to emphasize this golden rule again: you never lose when you lock in profit.

Enjoy the ride!
交易進行: great day ahead of us!
交易進行: I'm telling ya I know my shit!

This update is not that important and is simply for my own analysis entertainment.

very big day ahead!
It's down!! Now what??
AlexCH devilninja777
@devilninja777, you can: 1. wait for btc settles and it'll come back 2. sell for btc, and try to get back in later on (if you are confident that you can come in at a lower price)
@AlexCH, im not confident on 2, i'll just hold
Where can I place a purchase order?
+1 回覆
Sorry, did I want to say that the price went into that currency?
AlexCH victor1992
@victor1992, I am sorry, but i do not understand what you mean m8
victor1992 victor1992
What price do I buy 30000 or less?
AlexCH victor1992
@victor1992, you should buy the dip, so you don't sweat the dip before the price goes up. Set a price range accordingly to your own comfort; these are the type of questions I cannot answer for you, unfortunately.
AlexCH victor1992
@victor1992, These are the exchanges that offer GAME
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