Hi friends! Wish you all are having a wonderful day!

This idea is based on moving average and MACD . This is a daily chart ; as we can see, we are closely approaching the MA50 line.
We also have growing volume which is bound to give us a HUGE spike.

Entry is between the green line in the chart.

- 1295
- 1980
- 2450
- 3000
- 4500

If this information has been beneficial to you, and you would like to benefit my life, too: Please DO! I greatly appreciate it!

- BTC: 12L635hTz12ZcwBzdixwKyWYpkpUa5ve8p
- ETH: 0x05f171e02092ce9200779ace56ff1b1411e1ec26
- LTC: LTFr3Jp445vENZUZQopQPoqRgeSyGs36fe

As we all know, reward is the best stimulus for supreme motivation!

And I wish you all another profitable and great day!
評論: Let's do this!! Join the ride friends!
交易進行: My Lomocoin adress!!

-LMC: LLX7BrgrDQXAALeyv6D16GDe7yV2kxzy55
交易進行: QUESTION: Alex oh Alex, how to maximize profit on this LMC trade???

-->Buy as many coins as you can and send me as many as you can. (Joking yet not joking)

Good luck friends!

This coin is doing like a champ!
交易進行: Correction level: 570-600
Keep bagging more lomocoins! Just keep buying the dips and get as many as you can!

If all goes well, big day ahead for lomocoin!
評論: Might be slower to get started since it's not a healthy green candle. Nevertheless, we have ourselves an uptrend it seems like! And we are at the bottom of it :)

30 minute chart update brought to you by me!

^This is a cleaner version

30 minute chart. This is how I will be playing lomocoin.

This is a 6 hour chart of BTC.
RSI is extremely low in all time frame except daily and is showing sign of reversal.
Blue pattern replicated from blue box.
Green pattern replicated from green box.

I anticipate this 'sort of' movement if we do not breakout the channel.

looks promising
交易進行: testing resistance again.
交易進行: 600 has became the support. I am buying more at this level!
交易進行: We broke resistance!
Now we prepare to take profits!

交易進行: Good morning my dear friends!
We are slowly moving towards our targets!

Let's do this :)
交易進行: Steady rides are the best rides :)
交易進行: getting close to our first target!
評論: Merry Christmas! Congratulations to the people who followed this trade!
Enjoy the profit!

I just opened a wallet for my machi (best friend in japanese) Tempura!
So, if you are feeling generous and would like to share some love with me and my friend! You can tip Tempura instead!

He is a good assistant of mine! If not me, Tempura definitely deserves to get some Holidays love!

- LTC: LM5CU6BwwykrxNrfCeqxrGDgKUg3PPXQEe
- BTC: 1GHgusV4WKwdF5gP8e6cJU2SuLqAwvTscd
- ETH: 0x446c9684a3749bbff80b1c43087f1531843a5d01

Cheers <3
交易進行: - 1295 (Reached)
- 1980
- 2450
- 3000
- 4500
評論: Doing great!
交易進行: - 1295 (Reached)
- 1980 (REACHED)
- 2450
- 3000
- 4500
Good call sir..
AlexCH madhusudhan.maddula
@madhusudhan.maddula, I hope you booked a nice profit from this call :) Thank you for participating!
@AlexCH, I'm in good profit, not booked yet. Thanks!!!
Do we expect a bounce back? or is it dead?
AlexCH AndreaMalortigue
@AndreaMalortigue, As my previous update, I sold since we went down. But I just bought back in with ladders in 510-530 range with a small size that I don't mind holding for long
@AlexCH, fair, thanks
AlexCH AndreaMalortigue
If we don't break 600, we might go lower.
nice shoot, i think target short 850-950 sts
AlexCH thinhnguyen261
@thinhnguyen261, We will go A LOT higher
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