GAMEBTC: Good upside here

BITTREX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin
Just an interesting technical trade using Time @ Mode, my mentor's methodology.
Shout out to @timwest for developing it and teaching me.


Ivan Labrie.

Good start, hold until we hit the targets, or time runs out...
手動結束交易: I sold all small coins 2 days ago. I only have a small basket, separately from my main crypto account, for 'gambling'. I see most lost steam lately. I like $EDG and $1ST currently, maybe $RCN, $FCT.
+1 for acknowledging ur mentor Tim
and doing the chart of course
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as EMC2 did in the november 2017, $GAME would be the coin of the month, IMO...!!!!
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IMHO, it will be very huge
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I do expect GAME to go up during next couple of months, but I'd like to try and increase my holdings by swing trading. So, could you please elaborate on targets, where do you expect corrections to happen etc.?
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@NickNS, the method I use let's you follow the trend efficiently. It should go up following the time duration work by the arrow. It could hit either of the two price levels shown in chart with the dashed lines. These prices can act as a resistance and after hitting them you may see a retracement back down to the yellow box reading the whole move. If the market is strong and trending, it will hold above that box after the time and price targets are met. Otherwise then form a new sideways range and a new 'box'. And eventually a new trend signal.
NickNS IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, thank you so much for your insight!
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agreed. hodl!
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