GAME - Game Credits mobile store launching

POLONIEX:GAMEBTC   GameCredits / Bitcoin
Here's one I picked up recently and I believe there is still a lot of upside potential. GAME, as the name implies, is a crypto for gamers. They are tied up with Mobilego and are launching their mobile gaming store today at a big conference in India. This should impact usage and again, another currency with real world application we can see today as opposed to in the next few years. The gaming industry is massive and I once read that revenue from gaming is bigger than movies. Internal currencies are also a big part of gaming and this is where GAME steps in. I'm not much of a gamer anymore, but as a reformed gamer, I definitely see the value and utility of this coin.

The chart overall looks quite bullish for long or short term. MACD , which I haven't shown here, crossed over a few weeks back and if you had picked up there, you would be riding a nice run. Downtrend was broken and stochastic crossed over as well. You can see the 2 EMA lines beginning to tighten and I expect they will cross by tomorrow which should be the final confirm on a nice upswing. A small pullback wouldn't be surprising here, but a little extra volume and we could see GAME hit .0012 in the short term.

Good luck

交易進行: Hello all,

apologies, i've screwed up and hit short when it should be long. Misunderstood what I was doing.
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