GBP/AUD bulls still wedged in range despite sharp rallies

FX:GBPAUD   英鎊 / 澳幣
GBPAUD on intraday plotting is forming spinning top candlestick at 1.7743 levels despite previous session’s stern bullish engulfing candle, currently, strength in the ongoing buying sentiments is not confirmed by the leading oscillator ( RSI ).

Historically, at 59 levels the pair has lost the bullish strength and the stiff resistance is observed at 1.7780 levels. The failure swings have been observed a couple of times in the recent times.

On a broader perspective, the consolidation phase in the intermediate trend seems to be exhausted at rising channel resistance, shooting star pattern candle has occurred at 1.7687 levels.

Ever since then the bulls seem to have been totally exhausted at stiff resistance areas of 1.7905-7985 and the major trend is stuck in the range between these levels.

For now, more slumps on cards as shooting star signals weakness and bears hovering near 7WMA, while both leading oscillators have been indecisive but slightly in bears’ favor.

Trade tips: Amid ongoing range bounded trend in near terms, on trading grounds at spot reference: 1.7744, one can speculate this pair buying boundary binary options with upper strikes at 1.7780 (35-40 pips upside) and lower strikes at 1.7698 levels (40-45 pips downside).

Currency Strength Index: FxWirePro's hourly GBP spot index has turned into 145 (which is highly bullish ), while hourly AUD spot index was at shy above -87 ( bearish ) while articulating (at 10:46 GMT ).
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