OANDA:GBPCHF   英鎊 / 瑞士法郎
Gchf is on its 7th swing right now... If you look closely, you can see how the pitchfork lines intersect at the fib extensions for this pattern... Right now it has just broken out of trend line and pulled back off equal length fib extension. I'm not going to try to call that massive of a trade, but it looks like we will get some sell off, but if the big clear out move down is not from here, then I am definitely looking to sell at that next level.
評論: Be careful trading this week. I see lot of consolidation. And I didn't say Gchf would do that huge sell from right there, I'm just showing you the levels to look to and the pattern I see. I kinda feel like if you go trying to go for a reversal on anything you will just be trading into consolidation this week. Wait for price action setups and manage risk.
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