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Daily structures are my favorite. They open great swing opportunities in the market. If patient enough, you can catch a prime entry trade bouncing off a structure that'll put you into a profitable short term & long term swing. These are just some of my ideas. Upon them, I may build potential trades which result in potential profit. We'll keep looking as it progresses. Thank You for all of your Support and please trade safely and responsibly. Forex is a high risk industry. Join our free signal analysis group. They may contain smaller time frame trade-able structures. Info in Bio

If weekly candle closes above the weekly 50 SMA we may experience some rise. A weekly candle close under the weekly SMA will result in continuation short for this pair.
You are one of few who expected short for this pair
Awesome :)
800 Ema on the Daily Served as resistance. TDI is over bought. Now looking for Short opportunities.

@SherifRofael, We killed this pair every bounce it had since the beginning of this structure way on the left. :)
Target super reached. Now looking for a possible short :)

We now have a clean close of the weekly candle above weklly TF 50 SMA which served as support last week. Expecting pull back rise to trend line. We'll see what happens after that.

@SherifRofael, We killed this pair every bounce it had since the beginning of this structure way on the left. :)
@J4XLG, The entry level you mentioned at 151.615 for short is too good to be true :)
J4XLG SherifRofael
@SherifRofael, Chart dont lie. Its charted out before it occured. and has already dropped from that area. :)
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