BRITISH POUND | After a Bears Run Down it's Time to go BULLISH!!

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
Hey Traders,
British pound is now ready for a Bullish PhaseII after getting a Strike hit against US Dollar
It;s Important to know that we'''ll be betting against the market and it's hard to spot a
perfect reversals from a mid phase of a Bullish Swing,
Here we're focusing on S-Pivot1 with Mid Fibonacci level (Recent Swing)
in accordance with 200DAY M.A which is a Major plot in this so called analysis
So, here's our preferences,
BUY NOW or - 1.39813
STOP LOSS - 1.38995
TARGET 1 - 1.41468
TARGET 2 - 1.42690

have any doubts? than, let us know in the comment section below
and make sure to give this analysis a Thumbs UP +_+
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Source - General public Information!
交易進行: For those who entered at market price earlier
Please Move your stop loss to Breakeven!
交易結束:目標達成: TP1 HIT (+160 PIPS) of Profit!
(Move your SL to Entry point for TP2)
交易結束:目標達成: TP2 HIT (+220 PIPS) of Profit!
at BloomFX - Forex signals

for B2B -
Folks your stops are good but don't forget this one too:

any updates on bitcoin plz?
+1 回覆
@awsmax2, we'll update over this weekend!
Thanks @BloomFisher
+2 回覆
I also agree to buy... because here is Gartley Pattern.
here is the link:
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