Bytes (GBYTE) GBYTEBTC : expected moon course

BITTREX:GBYTEBTC   Bytes / Bitcoin
Gbyte distribution is scheduled in 62 days.
Also, it seems to hit the bottom recently.
Daily MACD recently golden crossed.
BTC is expected to stuck in a box price for weeks.
Ready to moon!
評論: BTC seems to be moving. Be careful...
Great analysis
I think this coin has potential. First we will get a small correction. How low do you think the correction will go? I was thinking about 0,025
FerTrade FerTrade
@FerTrade, or more like 0,045 if your looking at the 4H chart instead of the 1D chart.
derektwlee FerTrade
@FerTrade, If the market was normal, I would say there would be some major correction. But the market we are at now is crazy. I can see so many other good alt coins keep pumping with out having major correction recently(they usually correct with time not with price). So I think GBYTE will skip it, too. To me, the matter is when and how much the price go up assuming BTC is not making radical moves. So instead of buying at bottom of correction, buy some portion at market and place orders down there for other portion. Otherwise, the bus might depart without you.
FerTrade derektwlee
@derektwlee, Thanks for the response. I looked at the trendline and the short term (2H) charts. Following these charts I think we will get a small correction to 0.04800000. If it hits that price I will get in and otherwise the bus can leave without me :P Than I will look elsewhere, because just like you said there are many good alt coins pumping up.
derektwlee FerTrade
@FerTrade, Great discipline! You must be an excellent investor! Share if you find other good alt coins :)
FerTrade derektwlee
@derektwlee, It's hard to have discipline, but if you want to make some real money you have too. At this moment it's hard to tell what the bitcoin is going to do. Last time I had no BTC to buy ALT coins at a low price. Next time I will have something in spare :). If the BTC is not going to make a move you should buy some SIA (SC) at 217 - 219. See AlanMasters post for more info.
derektwlee FerTrade
@FerTrade, Good for you. And thanks I will check his post.
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