GCR is ready to breakout and has 3x potential

BITTREX:GCRBTC   GlobalCurrencyReserve / Bitcoin

one of my friends justed this coin. I took a look, It is getting for a good trade.

Technicals :

Points to note :

1) Good trendline setup, the price is on the trendline .
2) RSI moving up.
3) Not far away from the low, so huge growth potential.

Entry: Now (1750), buy on dips till 1250 or above breakout (2050)

Targets :

Stop loss :


Fundamentals :

Yet to read, well currently most of the coins go on technicals. I would recommend to read and share if any interesting news.

Add on dips or average when it goes down called as Grid strategy.
Book profits (50-60%) on 100% return and leave the remaining for growth.

評論: Break out done and moving.
評論: The price broke the resistance and testing the support.

We are well above our entry.

Exit 50% on 50% profit and leave the remaining.

But I will not update this thread anymore.

As per my strategy, I am going to strict top 100 coins.
評論: We have hit 100% at 3500, hope you have booked your profits and left the remaining.
評論: I see triangle patter.

評論: We are back to our buy zone, all the gains lost.
3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
now would be a good idea to enter.?
@TinhoOo, Yes. We are not far away from our entry. 20% more risk for you. If you can take the risk, yes please.
TinhoOo maheswar81

Okay, thanks for the quick reply.


Happy New Year
Hi, do you have time frame for it goona hit the target?
maheswar81 parisian788
@parisian788, I dnot have. The volume is yet to pick up, so cannot confirm.
thanks so much
maheswar81 Duy300290
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