DAX / H3 : Ending diagonal to terminate wave corrective C ?

FX:GER30   德國 DAX 指數
Reagarding the current counts, I think the most probable scenario would be an ending diagonal to terminate the corrective wave C. I suggested before this was too early to buy eurozone with a very bearish potential on US equities.
US now tends to validate the bear scenario, and of course EU struggles to hold its supports. Plus Sinewave never showed any bull signals and on the opposite showed sell continuation cycles. All tends to confirm this bearish continuation on DAX . We need further price development to confirm the ending diagonal but that's the early scenario I'm no waiting for.

Hope this idea will inspire some of you ! I'ld appreciate any like/follow if you feel like it deserve it ;)
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評論: Count invalidated this morning. I'll update the scenario ASAP. No point selling anymore, but no point buying anyway. Better stay away of equities and wait to have a clearer sight
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agree with your analysis too
really like this thank you Suzi
yes, I also think DAX will down more
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