FX:GER30   德國 DAX 指數
My first try the long way. Only for learning.Don't trade this please or you know what you do.
My favorite site is normally new high and than down. But if my count is correct we go down. That's the way to learn.
Thanks for your time.
評論: Here my daily chart
評論: Daily now we can look for consolidation in next week if we close under 12950.
評論: Let's see now if we break 950 we can look for more short. But careful it's maybe not over. Good luck
評論: First downer ist now. Next week we can see the rest but monday is memorial day in usa. So happy weekend and good luck.
評論: on the road

today weekly lows and friday weekly highs?
評論: It looks for 2 more days down and than up maybe.
評論: Tomorrow we see for down or more up this week. I prefer the downside under 12950 but that's not in stone hammerd.
評論: If we close unter 12700 we see 12570 than correction and next week more down?
評論: It's wrong. Tomorrow we have triple witching day at 13.00 h Dax. So we would close around this level. I thougth for 12500 oder 12750 for tomorrow or all the option writers have cleared there position this week. Next week we get a correction. But only my 5 cents. Good luck.
評論: If we close under 12700 we go more down or we get a correction before more down. So watch out now.
評論: Dax is going down. Sell in May ist now sell in June. Don't forget the corrections on the major lines or 500, 400 etc.
評論: under 12537 close next step to 12400/300. May tomorrow a little correction cause it's friday. Under 12k is ko an we see this year 11700 and 11500 end of year.

Good luck to everyone. This is no trading advice.
評論: 12500 is the key for 13 k again or 12000
評論: tow secnarios can come. around 12 k we go one more up until 13000/13200 and than down to 11800/500, or we come now with consos to that level. If we reached this level down, we can look for 14k next year. Good luck and trade your own plan.
評論: Next week we have to look wich way would the Dax go.
評論: the upside looks over for the next week. 12 k is on air. Nice Weekend and good luck.
評論: 12 k wasn't comming. They need more upside for a bigger fall.
My favorite for next week (today lunar eclipse with mars) is normally down. but this time i think we get an upper and than down. Nice WE

Only my opinion and no trade advice.
評論: ok 12850 last friday was the high. now downwards to 12 k or 11,700. Good luck
the fractal is more sideways for better looking.
評論: 1 step is done under 12300/12000 is much place so watch out
評論: 12 k we don't take in the first run out. Some correction in here. 11800/700 is not far and good for the market. But if we go to this numbers we ca go to 11500 and 11500 is next critical zone. Without ECB we go to 10500. So we have to look were the turning point is.


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