Golden ratio hit at 0.618 fib time to moon?

BINANCE:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
Golem just hit golden ratio at 0.618 fib level which is a great opportunity for trend reversal, RSI very oversold and MACd is just about to cross on o short time frames which is a very good confirmation of bullish movement. We can also find confirmation in the fib channel. Double bottom might be formed first.

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評論: Looks like we just broke out of the channel, first target around .000079 i will make an update later
Bro Im sorry, but as a 15 year professional, let me let you in on a secret... TECHNICALS NEVER EVER< EVER, EVER, PREDICT or should be used to try to predict the future!!
#1 - all TA ANALYSIS is backward LOOKING!
#2 - TA is helpful in providing CONTEXT and helping pro's develop hypothesis, but the BEST FREAKING TRADES are the ones that do the OPPOSITE of the chart analysis. (The real sharks know many foolish chart watchers are positioned, and the algos will slam the market in that direction, hitting stop orders and the ones positioneueeze d the other way wil buy off that Fib level) and then once every order they can sucker into or out of a position, THEN they enter their REAL POSITION BASED ON FUNDAMENTALS or HFT and immediately trap all the fishes they just suckered in and get a huge short squez or panic selling and they do it every day... they actually HUNT CHART LOSERS and EAT you for fucking lunch!!
#3 INVESTORS MAKE MONEY , traders LOSE MONEY, unless you know what your doing which basically means that you made millions trading (and even then if you try DAYTRADING you might as well BURN YOUR MONEY! Roll a J with it!!!
#4 - the most OBVIOUS LAUGHABLE thing about this chart is that your using TA, FIBS, and a FUCKING RATIO on what? GOLEM!! WTF bro.. there is NO FUCKING VOLUME!!!! TA only has a little value with E-mini S&P FUTURES, maybe SPY, AAPL... you can NEVER EVER EVER use TA with an ALT COIN!!! You obviously know nothing so i hope these words save you from a long life of losses.
#5 - this is the most IMPORTANT - even if this stu[id ratio bounces to the tick, its simply luck, or coincidence, you will develope CONFIRMATION BIAS and probably believe even more in it...
#6 - this is actually more important cause i can see you need help, and maybe your still young and i can save you - YOU ASKED FOR PEOPLE TO TELL YOU IF THEY LIKE IT!!!!
Listen bro, take it from a WISE elder DONT EVER THINK YOU KINOW IT ALL OR SEEK VALIDATION (you will instantly turn a woman off talkin like that, i should be charging you for this comment), you should be asking for people to CHALLENGE your opinion! That is how you learn! Always welcome an INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION, because the other opinion or guy with WAY more experience will always BENEFIT YOU, you will either A,) - learn something NEW which is what really helps.... or B)- feel more confident in your HYPOTHESIS now that you heard another side
and i caus i just noticed another comment who kinda told you your a fool cause there is NO VOLUME! BRO your an idiot for applying TA to GOLEM.a joke
#7 - also IMPORTANT - realize right now, that you/people form BELIEFS CONSTANTLY about EVERYTHING, YOUR BELEFS AFFECT every decision you make whether you realize it or not... and 99.99% of your BELIEFS ARE FORMED BY SOCIETAL NORMS and UNTRUE TRUTHS, and INCOMPLETE INFORMATION!!!! We do it almost daily, LEARN TO THINK, QUESTION EVERTHING THEN TRADE... by the way ill send you a bill for that advice! Its priceless..
alexgreed fleetwood13
@fleetwood13, Dudeee... chill :o I understand that your experience trading with fib or other strats didnt work for you but im trading with fib for around 2 years now and I am very profitable, i've been doing it on altcoins and on bitcoin and it works most of the time, ofc you can say there is no volume and its an altcoin but i use fib to enter key positions and i find confirmation in many diffrent indicators and chart patterns, sometimes there are traps i cant disagree with you but i learned how to deal with them, i know how they look and its not like im fooling you or something you can rewind charts on almost any coin that is listed on a bigger exchange and see yourself that if you apply fib tto those charts it works. Take it easy man.. Im not the only one profitable fib trader belive me.. And i dont have to be whale to make money on this market. Maybe you have been doing something wrong because instead of improving your fib skills u gave up after few failed trades but it took me alot of time and effort to actually learn how to use them properly and i even apply it on very small moves and it works
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alexgreed fleetwood13
@fleetwood13, and btw look what jus thappened to golem i thought the breakout would be sooner but as you can see golem chart follows the fib channel and we just broke out
At least you see something nice in down trend. :)
I hope you're right. While everything looks bad, the volume of trading is just awfully small. I hope the situation will change soon, otherwise we will return to the 6800-7000 levels.
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