GNTBTC: Cup & Handle Formation on the daily chart?

BINANCE:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
After various views regarding the #GNTBTC price action and recent updates on the @Golemproject twitter account, charts look ripe to taking off following a SLIGHT pull back that may occur. This is not Bitcoin guys and GNT moves at a slower pace so one must consider that they won't get a quick return on their money as with large cap coins. Although, for investors who look at long-term trends and data will be hawkish on Golem at this stage... I mean hawkish! There is great potential moving forward and chart patterns show many trends for a bull run following the accumulation phase (see earlier posts). The MACD is showing impressive momentum upward giving more evidence of the shift in trends in coming weeks.

The only reason this coin is attractive is because of its rarity in the whole crypto domain and the team behind Golem are great. It shows how much future potential there is for this token to become something fruitful if patience rules the day. Remember, you are not only investing to make profits but your investments today are shaping the future of mankind in its entirety. So projects like these can be undeniably powerful and being involved in them is just as exciting.
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