GNT/BTC - Golem/Bitcoin ready to move upward

BINANCE:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
Seeing the trend on a larger timescale the BINANCE:GNTBTC shows that it is ready to break out of the large triangle structure having impressive potential to the upside. Although, it may take time to get to the higher price ranges as they were previously and volatility is high in the current market, it doesn't mean the investment is nullified. The Golem market has suffered heavy declines since its all time high seeing a 91.22% decline since then. The best time to buy is when fear is in the minds and seeing the rarity of this project it's got a lot of drive to climb the ranks in the crypto markets. Although, the market cap is small it will turn around as confidence and money influx comes in the equations.

The Fib's are seeing impressive targets at 50% levels being 0.00001612, followed by the 61.8% level standing at 0.00001721.
Stochastic RSI and the RSI are showing upward movements
The price action is slightly over the 50 DMA resistance line which may become support
Future potential for a golden cross is on the horizon for GNT/BTC which means upside movement is plausible

Recently, the Golem project has shown some positive updates on their social media pages too and has promising future developments on their way, showing the project to be moving ahead progressively despite being slow.
Good setup mate, keep it up! About to post one aswell let me know what you think :)!
Jay360 DACapitalTrading

Thank you. I will look over it once posted or send me the link once your done bud :)
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