Golem (GNT) TA with moving averages

POLONIEX:GNTUSD   Golem / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
The chart above shows the moving averages and trend changes in the price action. While many are skeptical that we may be still in the bearish trend it cannot be denied using these moving average indicators. Most of the time we see small trend reversals pushing price action down for a while and that is totally normal. The momentum is still weighed heavily to the downside and only recently started to shift in the other direction.

It happens with all bear markets where fear grips peoples minds to such an extent that smart money moves in while they least anticipate it. Traders who have been long in the game are patient, prudent and eagle-eyed in the way they make decisions. I mean, all the trade analysis I've done for Golem to this point should at least give confidence and convincing data by now that we are moving upward. Side way movements is possible and that's no issue as sooner or later that uptrend will take place.

Be smart in how you invest your hard-earned money and don't follow every Joe Blow's analysis blindly. If something doesn't make sense or look right then investigate into it. As for these analysis they're here to educate and help investors clear out their doubts. Neither have I an association or am getting paid by the Golem team as I don't know any of them personally. I'm just stating the obvious and analysing charts because this project resonates in me.

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