Golem projection is heading towards promising lands

POLONIEX:GNTUSD   Golem / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
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The price action of Golem with the weekly resistance levels shows that we are nearing the first leg upward. Golem/USD sees promising outcomes as the trend is in favor of the bulls after the accumulation stages. Please don't listen to the garbage out there that ALTCOIN markets have ended. We understand that Bitcoin is king but that does not nullify the entire market. If no competition exists and only the top 20 cryptos in todays market shape the future, do you think its a healthy space to be in altogether?

The answer is simple, ALTCOINS with crazy future potential such as Golem can further mankinds progress in science, medicine, astronomy and other vital fields which require supercomputers that can do phenomenal tasks. This project is possibly more important than many top 20 projects whose coins act as holders of value and nothing else. Think long-term with Golem as the coming development updates next month will bulldoze the price action through the walls of resistance like a knife through butter.
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