TVC:GOLD   黃金差價合約(美元/盎司)
Been getting some request for TA on gold (personally I hold silver due to the fact that it moves more % gains )

Elliott waves

the US dollar is whats loosing value here
nice just got to wait 7 yrs. bet the market performs better aand crypto. or anything else even flour or sugar or even dirt
I don't understand how you employ elliot waves on this. I mean I get the wave pattern rules etc. But whats to say after the abc correction that we are still moving up in price. So what
after 5000 and a correction next target is 1-5 waves hitting 20000? and up and up until what?

I figured for cryptos at least the reason you can keep upping your price targets for elliot waves for each cycle was because the market cap is consistently growing every year since 2009 lol. But am I missing
something? can you help me understand?
brilliant. On a smaller scal, can you tell me what wave we are on because I need to plot a chart and not sure where it is. This EW is for a long term but if I were looking to chart EW for say the next month could you tell me where it is at?
Great idea! I think it should be valued $20.000 like Bitcoin was.
I was thinking this also, physical gold or cfd's?
jaronfitz binary_benjamin
@binary_benjamin, ones historically confiscated when you need it the most and the other dies along with the currency it's gaining on. a little bit of a lose-lose, but i vote for gold jewelery like fat bracelets. they're historically only confiscated by countries with crazy dictatorships.
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