Gold possible retest of 20's

TVC:GOLD   黃金差價合約(美元/盎司)
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Failed attempt to breakout of 1360's is telling me we might have a chance of seeing mid 20's again to reload. Also note price of gold hasn't closed over 1349 in 13 weeks which if it does we could have enough momentum to retest the highs :) I'm short short-term and long for the year. I'm taking this because the buying was mostly fear driven.
US just launched tomahawks & Putin is deciding his next move. I don't think short gold is a good idea.
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@forged, They launched it on a Friday night for good reason as the markets are closed plus they per-notified we'll have to see come Monday what happens.
Trump launches missiles market close definitely have to take into consideration the reaction of the market come Monday
Let's hope so, I took a small position in DGLD and would like to change direction without taking a hit... Short short-term, Long med term, then reevaluate suspect will go short again, hard to say today.
luis081997 Hope4Today9
@Hope4Today9, I've been simply playing the range of course what happens in the past isn't guaranteed to happen again in my opinion there is a high probability of it going down again. My shorts are from 1357 but i also played the long from 1323 if you look at my other idea.
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