GOOG: AlphaBet Trading opportunities Coming Soon

NASDAQ:GOOG   Alphabet Inc (Google) Class C
AlphaBet GOOG Neutral inside the Triangle
No trade here inside the triangle except for day traders.
But a decent break is coming close now here - a break above
the line at 1040 - it may only rally to 1043 to begin with and
then come back to 1040 again and a little lower to flip long
stops too close. And then if it's going to be a decent trade it
should bounce and start to power through 1043 -
If so can follow long to 1163.90.
And if a swing trader can hold for longer term.

But whilst within the triangle AlpaBet is still not out of the
woods. A fall below 1016.50 (not a spike) will trigger a
shorting opportunity back to 1003.64 and then to 992.63.
And as Alphabet goes, so goes the SandP- and all other
markets worldwide.
It's about a 1.5% probability that Putin is dumb enough to get
into a fight with Trump. Like with Fat boy Kim it's 99% posture
- makes him look tough after the event.
Would YOU pick a fight with USA?
Unless over the dollar. That's where the real war is going on.
評論: AlphaBet Bigger Shot
None of these are true parallels. Not GOOG thing really except longer term.
However it does have a habit of making very good trends that are are worth trading both sides when spotted.
And they's easier to spot too, happening way slower than Bitcoin.

GOOG. Wider still

GOOG since becoming the world's Alpha Bet

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評論: AlphaBet
That massive triangle has finally been broken above with one
giant leap across the border - incredibly bullish for Google and
therefore for all world markets.
A major buy with stops below 1042 line and upside at 1180.
Same with SandP - pressure lifted. No war, as the chart was
predicting - a nice RHS on SandP too, next chart
There's resistance at 1064-5 in very near term - may get a last
chance to buy from lower as it hits this level very soon now.
Upside about 118 points, downside 20 from here.
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