GTO - Gifto - Nice new uptrend has began

BINANCE:GTOBTC   Gifto / Bitcoin
New 4hr uptrend
Low volume for now, slowly increasing
Waiting on the 4hr MACD to turn back up
My GTO             trading plan:
Buy up to 2925
Target 3250
Stop Loss 2500
Rating :star: :star: :star:
Volume 182 btc            
評論: MACD flipped up, price is moving up nicely as predicted.
交易結束:目標達成: Target 3250 hit, trade closed.
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Hi mate, I bought again at 3034 sat and sold at my target of 3270 sat just now. Thats another + 10%. You're awesome.
Good call mate. This is the only thing green in my bloclfolio at this moment.
redking75 decniner
@decniner, Thanks. Yes BTC dropped 5% and killed a lot of momentum for alts. I only have 3 coins in green of my open trades, GTO being one of them.
+1 回覆
decniner redking75
@redking75, yeah, I'm also worried about the tax office with all these trades. GTO = Going To Owe taxes :-(
redking75 decniner
@decniner, LOL, don't ruin the nice run going on.
+1 回覆
decniner redking75
@redking75, this is awesome. watchin it closely with heart pumpin out of my chest :P
decniner decniner
@decniner, thanks for the 12% profit mate. I'm happy with it and I'm out. Time for me to hit the bed.
redking75 decniner
@decniner, You're welcome. GTO hit target as well.
Great job on this chart. Keep up the good work.
redking75 alanmasters
@alanmasters, Thank you for the support.
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