GVT been cookin' hard, potential gigantic break out

BINANCE:GVTBTC   Genesis Vision / Bitcoin
I know the chart is quite messy - displaying many targets and big swings targets. Its been cooking up for a while and leaning towards descending wedge apex . And it's one of those coins that stays quiet and once it makes a move, it won't be half ass.

Entry conditions: Wait for confirmation of break out, or entering the two buy zones. Depending on the entry, the risk could be upward to 18% max of which I don't recommend. This is one of the play where stop loss might need to be a bit bold. It's breaking within 2 weeks, to where, I do not know but those are the technical targets. BTC will play a big role, but GVT movement is extremely strong should it moves just like in the past.

Please be safe with this play as this is educational purposes only. Entry and risk is based on your knowledge and patience should you choose a safe exit, or trailing a proper stop loss for a potential giant gain.

Should opportunity present where it falls down to support one last time, that would just be a call for accumulation. Very very gray here. Play accordingly to your best analysis.
Great setup, following you now mate! I´m about to post a trade shortly, have a look on my profile for detailed information :)
n7a DACapitalTrading
@DACapitalTrading, appreciated bud :)
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