HKG33 Still in a correction channel

FX:HKG33   Hang Seng index of Hong Kong listed shares
142 7
HKG33 Still in a correction channel, predicting reversal at marked zone.
評論: Still no trigger, soon though
The original product is an SGX futures product called FTSE China A50 Index....each broker uses a different code, forget what IB is, and looks like some FX brokers etc run it as a CFD now if don't have a futures account. XU1 under bloomberg amongst others. Free charts on investing.com
Will take another year or so for depth in volume, but a good instrument that I traded a bit last year and one I'll be going back to if and when it gets back into the 5000-3000 zone for a potential bottom longer term. Sitting at 9,977 as I type with the high of 15,000 in May 2015. Hope that helps
thanks, will look at it
Hello Tas, would like to ask if this is the potential move regardless of US election outcome? Tnx
TAS qlenium
Hi. I went in time to see how the charts had behaved in 2008 and 2012 only on the EU. I have a feeling on the USD move on the elections, don't know about this index. I analyse the structure, and at this moment this is what I see. If you are trading this, do the exercise and look how the index changed in 2008 and 2012. 2008 move from republicans to Democrats, 2012 keeping the democrats.
Is this a CFD? You should take a look at the China A50 (futures on SGX, called a few different things depending on your broker) but should build into a good trading instrument for China as volumes increase over the next few years. Just an FYI for you TAS....seems you keep up a lot of charts, well done...am past that age now and sit on only a few markets these days myself
Thanks Steve, will take a look at SGX. My trading platform is another, don't know if FXCM is CFD. Thanks again for the suggestion.
Steve, do you have a ticker symbol? or a chart on that security you recommended? Is it an ETF?
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