Get Rekt By McCafe Pump & Dump? This Chart Is For You!

BITTREX:HMQBTC   Humaniq / Bitcoin
This chart is for everyone that got rekt by McCafe's pump and dump + Bittrex congestion. The good news is that fundamentally its a very good project and potentially a great long term hold. RSI is strong, price still above the cloud (for now). I'm expecting the price to follow one of these two uptrends.

There is a HMQ milestone near the end of the year, which should boost things a bit. Here is a quote from a senoir member of the HMQ dev team:

"Hi guys, bit of an update of what has been done recently and plans for the future:
- Group chats with HMQ transfers within them should be released this week, certainly before the end of the year.
- Our Hybrid Private-public blockchain system will be rolled out on the app in the next two weeks.
- The API will likely be released in the same time period, January at the latest. It will allow our partners and other interested parties to interface with our ecosystem."

DO NOT SELL AT A LOSS. This coin will pick up sooner or later. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

PM me for entries, targets, and custom charts.
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