ICONOMI on massive opportunity with 10x possibility


ICONOMI is the first and currently the only platform where four generations of digital assets are available. Going beyond Bitcoin (first generation), alt-coins (second generation) and application tokens (third generation) - the Digital Assets Arrays™ (DAA) represent the fourth generation, one that combines the properties of all underlying digital assets.

Interesting coin, not in Bittrex. Traded in Binance.

Technicals :

In the recent days, volume is high compared to the past
Very low and potential to grow is 10x
400M market cap, 88th position.

I would recommend to buy at 280 and forget.

It is currently forming the trade, it may take many days to breakout or can happen tomorrow. It is one of the good investment for long term holders.

Entry :


Stop loss : N/A

Targets :

I will update.
評論: I m still working on the targets.

Once it breaks the triangle on the upside then you cannot catch it.
評論: We are 10% up here, It can moon any time on the break of the trendline.
評論: Binance is open for registration.
評論: 20% up from our levels.
評論: Targets

評論: It had a decent ride from our call and hitting the triangle top. Once broken you cannot catch it.

評論: There is not enough strength to break the triangle.

We are pushed down, buy back at 120 levels.
評論: it is going insane, 100% change, 200 ---> 400 in few hours.
評論: it just touched 550+, buy at low and book profits on 100%.

ie., buy at 270, sell at 550. 100% profit. you can do this as many as you like.
評論: It was hammered well, but still on support/ buyin range.

One can buy it and sell for 100% target, you might have seen crazy spikes in this coin. Take your capital out at 100% and leave the remaining to big targets.
評論: That is the big problem with low volume coins. Pump and dump.

I would place an order to sell at 100% and once done, I would exit the trade. - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
@maheswar81 do you recomend entering now in this trade?
Great analysis! Tnx for sharing

There as been a little correction today and the volume is a bit slow. What do u think?

maheswar81 eabrantes
@eabrantes, It should be fine. DAA has $200M assets and they are growing very fast.
what an amazing opportunity.
Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.
can i enter at 327 now ?
maheswar81 rockstaring
rockstaring maheswar81
@maheswar81, thank you
10x? over what time period? ... no stop loss, no targets?
@netrin, We are at very low, so you can buy back at 110-120. Timeline 3-6 months.

Exit your capital on 100% profit and leave the rest.
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soheild netrin
@netrin, my guess is 4-9 months. This is probably not a super short trade though it will do nicely short term too. Ride this one out till the end! ICONOMI must buy back coins with 50% of their fees so the coin will perpetually diminiish in supply.
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