Icon (ICX) Dip before moon the 24th?

The indicators seem to be bearish at this moment on the 4h chart. In my opinion we will see a dip towards lower levels around 7477 and 7266 satoshis before moving back up. I do recommend to buy back before the mainnet launch on the 24th as that will likely make the price go up again.
交易進行: As predicted ICON has breached the 7477 satoshi level down to 7359 levels before rebounding back upwards. Hopefully you have taken advantage of this situation and bought on the dip.

We may see the target of 7819 or a retrace back to 7477.
交易結束:目標達成: We have tested 7200 and now are bouncing back up. I won't be updating this anymore unless needed. Please let me know if there are questions about this trade.
評論: As we have seen we have reached the 1 fibonacci level and after that we are seeing a small correction. For the short term I am bearish/neutral for ICX as the indicators suggest. Medium/long term ICX is a solid buy imo.

bough at 6600 and sold around half of them at 8000 last week,and this week, i've been collecting between 7200 - 7400 , the mainnet launch will take us around 8500 in the short term for sure, long term? i'm very very optimistic about this coin, hope btc wont distrupt us
Altcoin_Hero UmutErdonmez
@UmutErdonmez, I have to agree with you here, the mainnet boosted us up to 8376. I have sold a part at 82xx and re bought around 74xx as well. Long term I think we could see a small dip first before we move up again.
Where do you see this coin going in the upcomming month? Thinking of holding for the medium/long term.
Altcoin_Hero Ksassssssssss
@Ksassssssssss, I think that on the medium/long term we will go up. Maybe a small dip after the mainnet launch now.
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