Icon (ICX) looks ready to run

ICX looks like it could break out soon. Can see an ascending triangle pattern forming on the 4hr with a strong upward trend, confirmed by the strong support shown in the ichimoku clouds (crypto settings). Additionally there's a golden cross forming on the MACD , and a bounce off 40 on the RSI leaves room for movement.
評論: Solid bounce off the bottom trendline. Watching for volume spike...
評論: Looks like we'll be testing upper resistance soon. Not sure there's enough volume yet to push through the sell orders. Watching closely
評論: Price is still going up, but at this point I think another bounce off the resistance is more likely. I don't yet see enough volume in the books to break the sell orders. If top-line resistance breaks, expect the rally to continue.
評論: Solid bounce off the resistance. Look for more price coiling and another challenge to the upside.

評論: Doesn't look like we'll get the dip into the projected buy zone. Forming a pennant sub-pattern here. Looking for breakout of the pennant with enough momentum to break the upper resistance of our triangle.

交易進行: Resistance Broken
Resistance broken
Price prediction?
eigosensei JMess1990
@JMess1990, 14$, if it appears on Korean exchanges: 29$ short term (1 month)
mrdesson eigosensei
@eigosensei, Where are you getting those numbers?
sjb933 JMess1990
@JMess1990, it's hard to say, we're dealing w/ a new crypto w/o much history and talking about ATHs. That said, the last major rally was a ~100% run-up - which would put us near 7000 satoshis, or ~$14.

Keep an eye on it now, looking to see a bounce off the lower trendline. If more volume comes, I'll hop in when upward momentum is shown on the hourly. If you want to me more cautious, you could wait for the price to break the upper resistance at the top of the triangle.

To @eigosensei 's point below ICX (which is Korean) is not currently listed on any Korean exchanges. Once made available to the locals, we could see a spike.

Good luck, stay vigilant.
sjb933 sjb933
Correction - would put us near 14,000 satoshis.
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