After a long correction, we have seen impulse wave 1, bringing us up above the 200EMA. It retraced back to the 200 and bounced up into wave 3. We can target the 1.618 extension (0.0004361). If it continues in a smooth, curvaceous uptrend, it will form a nice cup with the previous high, hopefully giving us a handle to buy before a massive spike. We can see how that develops. My stop-loss is at 0.0003200. Once we find some strength above the 0.0003500 resistance, I will move my S-L up to that level. Good Luck!
評論: On track so far. Lets see that target!
completely agree... i increased positions during ONT and EOS run up earlier this week, i think icon is due next or at least near future for a run
@Hobo_D, opportunities are everywhere right now. Its hard to decide which ones to take. I think spring has finally arrived!
Hobo_D dcattey
@dcattey, hope so!!! also entered a position w AION this morning as well
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