Incent vs. Bitcoin, INCNTBTC

BITTREX:INCNTBTC   Incent / Bitcoin
Falling Wedge . Long term investment
交易進行: Trying to breakout minor resistance line - good sign
交易進行: Minor resistance line broken!
交易進行: Hello! Are you here?
評論: Since post it 240% profit!
交易進行: Active long term trade
Are you still active in this trade?
a.shevelev002 StevenMaldonado
@StevenMaldonado, it might go to our entry point if btc will fall more, it will good opportunity to enter it again. in other case we will see some short term downward movement and a new trading opportunities
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StevenMaldonado a.shevelev002
@a.shevelev002, Thank you for the response.
is this still a buy? 7k
Hi! Target?)
i see copycat take it from you as he did at all analysis good work Artem
cycler HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, he even took your RADS!
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CAn you pull back to higher time frame like 1 day, and put on the moving averages? Not enough info on these smaller timeframes. Thanks
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Before the coins can move up, not only should have tested overheaded resistance successfully, but they have to be above their moving averages. As well the stochastics have to be above 0. if both those conditions aren't there, then they will all be false/low probability breakouts.
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