New IOSTBTC is about to take off! Quick 100% Profit!

BINANCE:IOSTBTC   Internet of Services / Bitcoin
As expected it dipped after being added to Binance. Wave theory would suggest the correction is over, giving us a GREAT opportunity to make a quick trade!

- Set stoploss & profits at the targets.

If you made money with my calls, and want to sleep well at night, simply donate :):

BTC: 1EQuazVs5MHpcBrceUvKWwtmFBVpNn6hxw
ETH: 0x9746e2692bad3dc2da5c8d759e2d8c56af74e3d9
評論: Hit our safe target! Recovering for another run up!
評論: Target 3 should be 1350 SAT!
評論: Trendline slightly off, correction was slightly further than expected, however the path is pretty much perfectly aligned with the projection. Buckle up for a new wave!

Don't forget to take profits guys! Don't get greedy.
Managed to take some profits at our safe target, but unfortunately evened out on the stop loss! Better luck next time!
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