IOTA next Big Mover :) 20-50% ROI Let's GO!

Hi team,

Been sitting on this chart for the last two weeks. A couple of you have messaged me stating you love my calls but i haven't been active enough on Trading View. Yes...and no! i have been sharing charts on tradingview privately for my group and you can join too! PM me. We have been in GREAT buy in positions at 14,000 Satoshi's the moment i sold my BNB and TRX positions. I am expecting easily 20-50% ROI with the incoming partnership news with Fujitsu on the 23rd + the Coinbinhood listing at the end of the month. Scored 118% off of two trades on TRX + BNB. Looking for another solid earner for the month of April. :) the best part is position trading = low stress and you don't need to baby the market vs day trading. I still dabble in DT's but in this market position trading = low risk high reward.

Trade Analysis:
Sitting on a 3-4 week bullish divergence and we are seeing the first of it! I have an open sell order and HODLing until the charts tell me to let go :)

Buy Range
Feel to buy in the 14,500-14,700 satoshi range

Sell Range
T1: 16.5k
T2: 17.2k
T3: 18k
T4: 19k
T5: 20k

Nothing to crazy on this write up. Keep it simple stupid. As with all of my charts. Easy to read. Solid Predictions and profits. We are playing for the next 2-3 weeks, i will update when I sell.

Good luck & Happy Hunting!


Also for those of you who think i "redraft" other people's charts :P See below in the related ideas links.
評論: We should see some price retracement in the next day or two. We are playing news and new exchange listings! so we have better opportunities to enter the market :)

Patience is key not greed~
評論: You heard it here first folks! The Oracle of Crypto :)
評論: Took some profits will buy back lower.

評論: I hope you all enjoy the XRP and IOTA calls :) easy profits for everyone. Exploring more trades on other alts! Drop a like and a follow.
評論: Targets have been reached. I took profits. A small position remains. In a highly manipulated Alt market i am consistently trying to find alts to invest in.

I did fast trade recommendations on SYS and QSP both have generated 11% and 17% literally in the matter of minutes/hours. I apologize for not being able to post the trades here as I like a certain quality towards my TA.

For now small XRP and IOTA positions exist to play the news towards the end of the month. I have recently added to my TRX positions! Happy Hunting!
評論: All targets achieved :) easy money.
評論: ROI is 35% in less than a week.
My private group is at least 50-100% ROI based on my various calls there.
交易結束:目標達成: IOTA 40% ROI. Will continue to climb in long term. great coin :)
On the short term I see it coming down. What do you think of this: IOTA Forming a Double TOP and Bearish Divergence
Please DM private group info.
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@Dormat, HAHA how about you DM Me :P
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Sorry, I see it
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How low down will it go to buy back
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Legend. Love your charts and TA
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Solid !!! thx Reg
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