IOTUSD (D): Next possible buying opportunity of these days ...

If we hold MA200, a further upward trend can be expected.

This results in an opportunity to buy or a re-entry for swingtrader.
Maybe wait a few hours and see the situation and then get in.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)
評論: Just for info... Volkswagen announces product for intelligent cars with IOTA available in 2019. Volkswagen and IOTA presented a new proof of concept at CEBIT 2018. It deals with the use of the Tangle for secure software transfer. This could be positive. I am still long with IOTA.
評論: IOTUSD: Chart update.

評論: IOTUSD (D): Chart update.

評論: IOTUSD (D): Chart update. Break resistance?



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Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocoins since 2014.
Trading experience for over thirty years.

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