IOTA short consolidation & news

BITFINEX:IOTUSD has been doing really great recently, there is quite much of activity around this project and I will mention some of the upcoming events below. BINANCE:IOTAUSD has been in downtrend for a long time, but nothing unexpected since BITFINEX:BTCUSD has been going down.
I watched the run IOTA made from 1 $ till 5,5 $, so let's see how things will develop now and where it will get us.
We could see on the chart that IOTA broke the 2 $ resistance line, but not long after, it came back to where it was. It is staying solidly around the line of 1,95$-2,02$, which is a good sign.
This is just a small consolidation, then we will see next up.
We could see the three following resistances, 1st at 2,20$, 2nd at 2,60$ and the third could possibly just be a fake breakout, so we should be careful about it.
But first, let's see how things will develop with the first resistance line because it is the most important one.

Official Bosch Press: Bosch turns Chinese cities into SmartCities with IOTA!

Events are as it follows:
1 March 2018 - Founder of IOTA speaking at an online conference - Crypto Virtual Summit.
14 March 2018 - SXSW Conference - Dominik Schiener will be speaking with Ayelet Noff about building a machine economy with IOTA.
16 March 2018 - Business Plan at BBCTokyo - Presentation of business plans at the Blockchain Business Camp Tokyo.
31 March 2018 - Partnership w/ AV testbed - "Q1/Q2 2018 is when we start announcing some of the partnerships for AV testbeds.".
31 March 2018 - Trinity Wallet Beta.
手動結束交易: BTC is looking forward to retest 10000$, so we could aim to buy IOTA at lower prices.
交易進行: Looks it will try to stay above 2$ again soon !
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