Another wedge formation on Iotusd

Everything mentioned in the chart

Best of luck :)
So according to your analysis done on Jan 5th, IOTUSD could now drop to 2.1449. Seeing how it is holding now at around 3.70, wouldn't it be worth reviewing this analysis?
So far I'm HODLing.
Thanks in advance for your input!
Seems like it is choosing the path down the road, not up the hill unfortunately :-/ Thanks for the analysis!
salmanijaz Gaengphed
@Gaengphed, Maybe. Be careful as we have a similar price structure last week on the trend line
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Gaengphed salmanijaz
@salmanijaz, Ah you're right! Thanks for replying, highly appreciated! Will keep an eye on it until midnight, then choose HODL or sell.
Of course, the 5.8 $ would be better :D
salmanijaz n.antoschka
@n.antoschka, I agree ... Lets see :) Wait for a clear break :)
DaDude n.antoschka
@n.antoschka, It's just bitcoin on a rally, it will go up. There is massive support for IOTA. Only a bitcoin crash could get it below 2.5 dollars
@DaDude, Why is bitcoin so important for
DaDude n.antoschka
@n.antoschka, when bitcoin goes on a sudden rally upwards = money goes out of many altcoins and this is certainly the case for IOTA
when bitcoin has a sudden big drop IOTA also suffers. see the last bitcoin drop. However IOTA buyers, many of em, are long term investors. So bitcoin has a limited impact on IOTA. The price will only drop so far. Where as many alts might drop very low indeed.
IOTA is dislike by many "whales" because they know there are my 'hodlers' and they can't mess around with them like on other coins. Not enough volatility. Thats why the price is relatively stable on IOTA.
DaDude DaDude
just another quick tip. Don't put up stop limit orders on IOTA a flash crash could trigger it and then you loose all your money
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