Since its launch, IOTA started a bearish trend , however, after finding support at 0.1427 USD trend changed from downtrend to range conditions.

There are mixed signals. In the 3H chart there is a bearish divergence, however, on the daily chart , PVT shows a bullish divergence . With the highest volume since launch. This could mean that if bulls dominate, price could rally from 0.26 to an immediate target of 0.3 and then to 0.5, the mayor resistance zone .

Watch market closely on the next week for trends confirmation.

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評論: Price bounced from uptrend
評論: Market is testing previous resistance level, must watch the next 2 candles for uptrend confirmation.
交易結束:目標達成: Target reached, and now crossed a major resistance level. Lets wait for a better moment to enter the market again. This looks like a major reversal sign
Do you believe its going down to 25 cents?
WaineNZeddmo filipevalentim
@filipevalentim, Hi, this trade is closed, pattern broke on the upside. There is an uptrend right now.
Nice analysis, thank you for publishing that. My believe is that Iota is very much in the ico dumping period right now. Lots of early investors wants to cash out. I think newcomers are getting tired of buying one moment, and then an ico dumper comes along, and sets the price down with 20%. Let's hope this process will soon be over, and then you will see what the most promising coin will do.

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@ob2knob, nice reversal
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