IOTA - correction not done yet


Being in an expanding wedge , we're currently in the making of the subwave 4 of c. I expect price to rise till the marked sell zone ($3.50-3.75). If price proves me right, we should see from there on the start and the final bearish impulse of the overall corrective structure. This could either result in a double bottom or ideally in a lower low till $1.35-1.10 levels.

Monitoring the BTCUSD price, as shown in my previous analysis - would be a good idea - as we still have a strong positive correlation showing up on almost all alts. The max. upside levels for BTCUSD are marked on the chart. In the case of a violation, I do not expect price to break $13.700ish (Bitfinex). From there on, a corrective continuation till 8k levels would seem possible.

Safe trades!
評論: Price might stop a bit sooner. Look for the trendline hit and monitor price action for further signs.

手動結束交易: 9% profit. Will now wait for the next downmove. As with the other TA's, a bit more upside possible but nevertheless I'm out for now.
Dear Bud, it doesn't seem to go to any below point, let going that deep. I don't see any clues for such selloff tendecy, am I wrong or what?
BudBronson asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, Hey, as explained and forecasted I called for a move higher for the completion of wave c of 4 followed by a final leg to the downside - in my opinion. Safe trades!
asdfghghj BudBronson
@BudBronson, some type of FUD for BTC downmovement shall exist for any serious downmove I guess, which can pop any time in cryptoworld. let's see
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