IOTA framework with targets

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Summary: targets are at 3.5-3.65 area right now. Very unlikely that we will pass that zone without major retracement. It is also possible not to reach that target and dump from this point on. The wavecount on this last leg from 2.1 to 3.2 is very very ambiguous.

Volume and RSI indicate that clearly this was the 3rd major wave, so we will see another ATH , but it's impossible to tell when that will happen. Join our telegram channel for updates.
評論: Wow I got rekt on this one. It's even stronger than ETH bull runs. Unbelievable. Sorry for those who followed this idea, but I only said what TA was suggesting. TA is used as managing risk to reward. How big was the chance that it would keep going to $5+ last night? Pretty much like 1/1000, I've never seen a high marketcap coin go so bull without deep correction.
With IOTA going on German TV in 8 hours and possibility of the "Q" announcement, do you still expect a dip or is the hype going to support $3.5?
HodlToThrottle HodlToThrottle
@HodlToThrottle, Lesson learned - TA doesn't do shit vs a hype train
profghibli HodlToThrottle
@HodlToThrottle, not really. there are system of how even news are reflected on a graph. I just may have been wrong on my wave count. check out this graph:
So you'd say that we are currently in the third wave?
profghibli Slaturbanowi4
@Slaturbanowi4, 5th of the 3rd. yes. going to 1.1 was the 1st macro wave. now we are nearing the top of the 3rd wave I believe.
Slaturbanowi4 profghibli
@profghibli, looks like u might be right. thanks for the answer buddy! But u really think that it might drop below 1,5$?
profghibli Slaturbanowi4
@Slaturbanowi4, not soon, but maybe. idk. right now trying to buy back at $2.2+
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Do you still think we are in for a major correction around now? Agree with the earlier posts, there some serious arbitrage going on Coinone
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profghibli OliSharpe
@OliSharpe, I mean Koreans will sell too. At one point it might even be that Korean price will be slightly lower than US price.
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