IOTUSD no game in January 2018

I've been following IOTA. Unfortunately, it has tried multiple times for breakout to no avail.

At this point, it's still trading within the green channel.

While I don't rule out the possibility of an iota breakout, this seems unlikely:

I think a new milestone / news of some kind will be needed for it to break out of the current range.

Holding is fine if no better investments appear.
評論: such a disappointment. I think the market has decided on the relative place for iota. before other coins have gained substantially in value iota won't
評論: No idea when I'll get my investment back from this black hole.
評論: This POS is really my worst ever decision. Two weeks in, 40+% in the red.
From an fa perspective tertiary looks good but is it ahead of its time. And is it just a diversion. Just not feeling it tbh. Has had its first big pump last year. Next one by the summer imho.
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With you on this, getting out ASAP if at all ever possible.
iota is not the black hole, btc is!
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I think it's consolidating now and should break out very soon. The chart pattern I'm seeing looks like a strong breakout coming soon in my opinion.
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DrJLT RichardBranson
@RichardBranson, I think a breakout will be forceful, but perhaps not very soon
ZirSiri DrJLT
@DrJLT, do you think it will drop more to mid/low $3?
I've looked at it multiples times too but it never broke out. It sucks but maybe people are accumulating?
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when is the next big announcement due ?
DrJLT trendsta
@trendsta, let us know when you find out, thanks!
tonezzz trendsta
@trendsta, There's some forthcoming news on Jan 24.. A meetup in Sydney.
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