hello guys

This is a new coin on binance. (EXTREMELY RISK-FULL)
This is what I think can happen.

As this is a low timeframe things can go bad very fast so don't forget to manage you risk the most important aspect to become a pro trader.

If we can assume this was the 2nd wave down and we found support at the golden ratio we only can expect that the 3rd wave is in play.

MY target is around 1300 sats and stop is a little below 850 (you can choose)
R:R 10
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It doesn't cost you anything :)

good luck !!

The Legal stuff - I'm not financial adviser.
評論: we're consolidating now, let's see if this has some upside potential
交易結束:達到停損點: stop was triggered out of position
can a swing trade be opened now? On the chart it looks like we reached point C, perhaps a good bounce is due.
jack_hartmann jack_hartmann
@jack_hartmann, lower volume now though...
t80260 jack_hartmann
@jack_hartmann, around the support level (756ish) you can try I'm not risking it as of right now
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