Consolidation in December. Large players publicly enter the fray

News of Blackstone Group L.P. and Fortress Investment Group LLC buying Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. is fairly bullish and new RSI support has been formed and will provide liftoff from the descending triangle IPOA             .U has been living in since creation. There will be a good parabolic movement when we are able to escape.

Catalyst: News that the SPAC will indeed find a unicorn to mate with. Chamath is very public and cares about his image as a disruptor so he will deliver big or not at all and apologize and try again and win big. I expect him to go after a company with large market cap(up and maybe past $10Billion) within his range and with undeniably bullish potential.
Chamath is to take a board seat on this company.

if we are able to make a deal for 10% of a $10 Billion dollar company then the cap of IPOA             .U goes to higher than one billion as the holding company is going to be worth as much as the asset + future growth of that unicorn priced in just like a regular IPO pump.

Hopefully this is a multi X play, my conservative target is $25 for IPOA.U            
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