BITTREX:KMDBTC   Komodo / Bitcoin
Cup&Handle pattern was broken and now the price is testing the lower edge of rectangular support zone 1. The price is below ichi cloud which indicates further decrease, however the coin is currently oversold and there can be a rebound which will form Double Bottom pattern. This will create a strong support level around the signal's stop loss zone 0.000550, from this point there will be growth to the mentioned in the signal targets.

In case of breaking through the rectangular support zone the price will decrease till the support level 2 around 0.00052. From this point there can be a breakout and further growth to a higher levels of trade

Do not rush to use stop loss in pattern based signals, it is given as an orienter for you so you can carefully track the coin and asses current status of the signal and pattern formation. If you used it and sold the coin just buy again at current dip as it has good news based fundamentals: the team updated their app providing new features.

Never sell a coin right after you bought it if some little fluctuations occur.
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